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For Barney's former girlfriend, Nora, and Robin's co-worker, see Nora.
Nora Zinman
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Portrayed by:
First appearance:
Kent (ex-fiancée),
Barney (one-night stand)
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Nora Zinman is Stella Zinman's sister.

She was getting married before Stella and Ted, and was planning to have the wedding Stella had been dreaming of since she was a child. However, four days before the wedding, her fiancée ran off with a vitamin consultant. This caused her to give up being a vegan.

In order to save her the expense of cancelling the wedding, Stella offered to take over Nora's wedding and get married then instead, and pay her back. During the expected wedding of Ted and Stella, Nora approached Barney, wanting to have sex with him so she could get her mind off her break-up, and that her sister was getting married at the wedding that was originally for her. Barney tried hard to avoid Nora, having planned to try to hook up with Robin upon her arrival. Once Robin arrives, it's revealed he couldn't help it, and Nora was seemingly in his room at the time. Disgusted, Robin leaves, with Barney feeling guilty. However Nora surprisingly arrives after Robin leaves, indicating Barney was actually hooking up with the girl from the front desk. As Barney tries to explain himself, Nora just smiles and enters the room, implying that they end up having a threesome. (Shelter Island)


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