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P.S. I Love You is a song by Robin Daggers. It was featured in the episode P.S. I Love You.


In 1996, Robin became obsessed with Paul Shaffer. She filled up her journals about him, and caused him to eventually get a restraining order. She then wrote a song about him in another alter ego, Robin Daggers.

Robin performed the grunge song at the halftime show of the 84th Grey Cup, after revealing to the spectators that Robin Sparkles is dead and that her new name is Robin Daggers. She took off her Robin Sparkles wig and jacket, revealing her new "Robin Daggers look", and started singing her song P.S. I Love You.



P.S. I Love You - Robin Daggers

Official Video of the song


P.S. I Love You - Robin Daggers (Audio)

Audio of the song

You, you’re beautiful
On your pedestal
I see you
You don’t see me
Am I just too young
Or just too dumb
Or maybe just too grungy

I’m wearing my flannel
And I’m thinking of you
I lace up my boots
And I’m thinking of you
I write letters and letters
They never get answered by you

I'm moosing down donuts
And I’m thinking of you
Watch Reality Bites
I’m thinking of you
That movie's so true
But all I can do is say

P.S. I Love you

The law can’t stop my love
I’ll fit you like a glove
Restraining orders don’t scare me

The lawyers at the record company
Made me promise to say that
“The views expressed in this song do not necessarily reflect the views of Dominant Records or any of its subsidiaries.”

I’m totally a slacker
And I don’t even care
With my curling ‘zines
And my faraway stare
But deep down inside
Yeah, deep down inside
I’m dying

I’m trapped in a cage
Of the tears I cry
I’m praying to God
But SHE doesn't reply
Even the robot says
I’m trying!

P.S. I Love You

Why can't you see me
We could be so happy together
I love to watch you sleep
You look so peaceful when you sleep


I’ll never move on
It will always be you
Every guy that I’m with
I’ll be thinking of you
If I get married
He’ll always be second to you
He’ll always be second to you
I’ll always be waiting for you

P.S. I Love You

Notes and Trivia

  • Dominant Records refused to release it, because the song was so dark.
  • The song was used in a slight similar parts from Alanis Morissette's song You Oughta Know, although it had its own different version of angst-filled grunge parts.
  • Paul Shaffer's name can be seen during the video.
  • The song says Robin is praying to god, claiming "She doesn't reply". Alanis Morissette played God in the movie Dogma.

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