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Ted Mosby's assistant
Paralegal at Goliath National Bank
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PJ was Ted's assistant who worked with him for a short time when Ted first attempted to start his own architecture firm, Mosbius Designs.

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PJ was very loyal to Ted but he became distracted when his control over the bathroom key led to him dating Robin. Their relationship became such a distraction that Ted was forced to fire him.

Without his position as keeper of the bathroom key and not distracted by working for Ted, Robin found PJ to be too cloying and dumped him. This left Ted free to rehire PJ. However, this soon led to Robin and PJ reuniting.

Knowing that Robin dating PJ was a source of frustration to Barney who is in love with Robin, Marshall offered PJ a job as a paralegal for GNB. PJ accepted the job and left both Ted and Robin. Marshall then used PJ to handle the grunt work of running the fantasy baseball team at GNB. This lifted the pressure off Marshall and allowed Marshall to retain the title of "Sports Guy" and security that running the league offered.

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