Paul Shaffer
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Paul Allen Wood Shaffer
November 28, 1949
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Paul Shaffer is a Canadian-American actor best known for being David Letterman's sidekick.

In P.S. I Love You, Robin admits to the gang that she had obsessed over some guy when she was younger. She filled up her journals all about him and eventually she got a restraining order. Barney then goes to Canada and tracks down the guys she has dated. After encountering Simon once again, he tells Barney of the Robin Sparkles episode of Under The Tunes. Barney obtains the tape and the gang watch it. They discover that Robin hit her breaking point in February 1996 at the halftime show of the 84th Grey Cup, Robin revealed to the spectators that Robin Sparkles is dead and that her new name is Robin Daggers. In her obsession, she released and performed a new track called "P.S. I Love You". It is later discovered, although the video says that Alan Thicke was a popular idea of with whom Robin was obsessed with, it was actually Paul Shaffer and that the "P. S." in the song was about him.

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