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Ph. D student (Native American Culture)
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Penelope is a Ph. D student, studying Native American Culture who taught Ted to do a rain dance in Come On​.

In order to stop Robin leaving on a camping trip with Sandy Rivers, Ted enlists Penelope's help to make it rain, by performing a Native American rain dance. Initially, Penelope refuses, believing "the traditional rain dance is a sacred prayer to nature" and should not be used to help "dudes get laid". However, Ted explains his noble intentions to her, and she agrees.

They move to the roof of The apartment, and start trying. After dancing for an hour and achieving nothing, Penelope reveals she's never actually seen a rain dance performed, only read first hand accounts and seen a film strip of rain dances. She eventually leaves, and Ted continues on his own.

She and Barney previously slept together twice in the back of his car, and then Barney dumped her, which she was still angry about. However, after Ted succeeds in making it rain, the two do shots together at MacLaren's and kiss.

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In 2012, Amy Acker starred in the Nbc show, Grimm.

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