Randy Wharmpess
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Randolph Wharmpess
Police Officer - Fired

Employee of Goliath National Bank - Fired

Self-Employed Brewer - Current
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Randy Wharmpess was one of Barney's co-workers at Goliath National Bank.

Show Outline

Season 3

He was shown to be a huge fan of Barney's; he was a reader of Barney's Blog and once told Barney that "you are like a God to me." Following Barney's search for a new wingman, Randy offered his services as a wingman. Barney intially declined, but accepted Randy's help once he couldn't find anyone else to be his wingman.

The endeavour did not go well. Randy is a terrible wingman, incredibly nervous and incapable of flirting with women. Although Randy was not a great wingman for Barney, Barney was a great wingman for Randy, and by the end of the night was able to help Randy go home with a girl.

Season 6

Randy is not seen or heard from until Canning Randy. He is still a worker at GNB, working for Marshall. He is shown to be very bad at his job, accidentally shredding important documents and being very clumsy. Barney suggests Marshall should fire him; initially, Marshall refuses, but eventually he decides to fire him.

Almost immediately, Marshall regrets his decision, and tries to work out how to rehire Randy. Randy however is overjoyed. He is a very passionate beer brewer, and plans to take the severance money he receives from being fired and start his own brewery. When Marshall manages to get Randy rehired, he is upset. However, he manages to convince Marshall to fire him again.

Future Ted then says that Randy went on to be a very successful brewer, and his beer is now available in every bar in America.

Episode Appearances

  1. Rebound Bro
  2. Canning Randy

Notes and Trivia

  • According to Rebound Bro, his nose bleeds whenever he gets an erection.
    • This might be a reference to Japanese manga and anime culture where, in order to imply sexual arousal, characters get nosebleeds.
  • He is shown to be relatively incompetent at most jobs: He was fired from the police department for screwing up too much and becoming an insurance liability; was apparently fired from a job as a candle kiosk at a mall, and is shown in Canning Randy​ to be terrible at his job at GNB.
  • Randy's brewery company name "Wharmpess" is actually a play on words. Bad beer that's been left out too long is sometimes called "Warm Piss", phonetically similar to Wharmpess.
  • It's implied he has a crush on Robin. In Rebound Bro, he meets her at MacLaren's and gets an erection, and later on in Canning Randy​ is upset that Robin won't be at the office party (and then decides to stay behind when he learns she might attend), and confesses he thinks about her in the shower, but his fantasies never go farther than hugging her.
  • The nosebleed he gets in Canning Randy​ changes between scenes, appearing underneath his right nostril, left, and right again.
  • His last name was revealed in Canning Randy​, three seasons after his first appearance.

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