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Taxi/Limo driver, Owner of Limo Company
Falguni (wife)
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Ranjit is a former New York Taxi driver from Bangladesh, currently occupied in the profession of a limo chauffeur. Yet he does not have a driver's license. 

Ranjit has maintained a good relationship with each of the main characters since his first appearance and has a cheery disposition. (Pilot)

Ranjit drives the main characters around on a few occasions and, on one occasion, drinks champagne with them in MacLaren's bar. He also drives the limo right after Marshall and Lily are married.

His wife's name is Falguni, who is seen when Marshall and Lily invite Ranjit and her for a double date. (The Sexless Innkeeper)


Episode Appearances

  1. Pilot
  2. The Limo
  3. Game Night
  4. Something Blue
  5. Ten Sessions
  6. The Goat
  7. Three Days of Snow
  8. The Sexless Innkeeper
  9. Rabbit or Duck
  10. Subway Wars
  11. Challenge Accepted
  12. Now We're Even
  13. The Final Page - Part Two
  14. Something New
  15. The Locket
  16. The Broken Code
  17. The Poker Game
  18. Mom and Dad
  19. Daisy
  20. Gary Blauman
  21. The End of the Aisle
  22. Last Forever - Part One
  23. Last Forever - Part Two

Notes and Trivia

  • Ranjit is known for saying "Hello" in a cheery manner.
  • In Pilot, Ranjit says he is from Bangladesh, although he speaks fluent Persian (Farsi).
  • He first meets Robin in The Limo.
  • He may or may not be extremely strong as he lifts an entire Keg of beer easily in Three Days of Snow.
  • In The Goat, he yells at Barney after overhearing that Barney had slept with Robin. His rant in transliterated Persian, was "na mard, na looti, na rafigh; akhe age oon doost dokhtare man bood ke..." Roughly translated, this means: "Inhuman, traitor, non-friend; if she was my ex-girlfriend, I would put my hands around your neck..."
  • In Rabbit or Duck, he said - "Morrghabe mitoune shena kone, morrghabe mitoune ghadam bezane, morrghabe mitouneh parvaz kone, baba az in heyvoune badbakht chi mikhay?" which translated means: "Ducks can swim, ducks can walk, ducks can fly, dude what more can you ask from this poor animal?"
  • Many of the main characters call Ranjit when they need a ride, like when Barney and Robin called him in Challenge Accepted to catch up to Ted and stop him from getting back together with Zoey
  • Ranjit is the only recurring character to appear in all of the nine seasons of the show.
  • In Gary Blauman, it is stated that he eventually owns the limo company he works for, after having success in the stock market.
  • Ranjit can knit as seen when he is waiting in his limo for Barney in Rabbit or Duck.

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