Rhonda French
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The Man-Maker
Works at a Smoothie bar
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Rhonda 'Man-Maker' French is one of Barney and James Stinson mother's friends.

Season 2

Rhonda was mentioned in First Time in New York when the gang asked Barney about when he lost his virginity.

Season 3

In The Yips, Barney is shocked to see that the woman working at the gym's smoothie bar is Rhonda, the woman to whom Barney lost his virginity when he was 23 after breaking up with his girlfriend, Shannon.

Barney has a flashback to when, fresh from his break-up with long-term girlfriend Shannon, his brother James (who was "not gay yet") set him up with his mother's friend, Rhonda "The Manmaker" French, who told Barney that he "rocked her world," boosting Barney's confidence. Later, Rhonda tells Barney that James convinced her to tell him that he was her best ever, and Rhonda only agreed to it because James slept with her.

Heidi Klum convinces Barney to go back to Rhonda and try again to regain his confidence. She rejects him at first, but after Ted talks to her at the bar, she invites him over to play cards, which quickly turns into sex. Rhonda insists that it really WAS the best she ever had this time, while Barney agrees in monotone, clearly having gained his confidence back.

Notes and Trivia

  • She has slept with Barney and James Stinson.
  • She was 45 years old when she had sex with Barney and James.

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