Sam Gibbs
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Long Island, New York
Loretta Stinson - (Dated for "a couple of months," in the early 1970s; reunited by 2013)
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Sam Gibbs is the father of James Stinson.

Show Outline

He saw Loretta Stinson for a couple of months. He only discovered James' existence when James was two years old (around the time Barney was born). However, Loretta made it clear that she wanted to raise James on her own, so Sam respected her wishes and didn't attempt to meet James, although he wanted to.

They finally met in Cleaning House when James was thirty-seven, after Barney and James found a picture of themselves with "Your Son" written on the back, addressed to Sam Gibbs.

Sam and James discover they share similar interests; They both enjoy playing the piano and singing. Sam becomes very emotional and is happy to learn he has a grandson, as James shows Sam pictures of his adopted son.

Sam Gibbs works as a minister at a Long Island church, running a program that helps people get back on their feet, providing them with food, a place to live, clothes and job interviews. In False Positive, Barney makes a large money donation to the program, and donates dozens of suits.

In Mom and Dad, it is revealed that Sam Gibbs will officiate Barney and Robin's wedding - which he is later seen doing in The End of the Aisle - and that he and Loretta are back together.


Episode Appearances

  1. Cleaning House
  2. False Positive
  3. Mom and Dad
  4. The End of the Aisle

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