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Shinjitsu is a Teppanyaki restaurant that the gang go to in Ducky Tie.

Shinjitsu was first seen in Say Cheese when Ted introduced his girlfriend Strawberry.

Marshall had been going there for five years, and throughout that time, Barney has been training him to associate the restaurant with Barney's sneezes, by sneezing every time Marshall mentions Shinjitsu. The connection became strong to the point that Marshall wanted to go to Shinjtsu every time Barney sneezed, this leading to that he apparently went there six times when Barney had a cold for a week the year before Ducky Tie.

They run a six month course in Hoboken, New Jersey , where they teach all the tricks they do while preparing the food, which Barney attended and met Takumi in order to fulfill his long-term plan of getting something from Marshall, which he decided to finally use when Lily's breasts were enlarged by her pregnancy.


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