Simon Tremblay
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Simon Tremblay
Employee at Splish Splash, Ottawa, Member of The Foreskins
Louise Marsh (fiance)
Robin (ex-girlfriend)
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Simon Tremblay was Robin's first boyfriend.


Season 3

Simon is Canadian, he still lives with his mom and he works at the Splish Splash Ottawa Water Slide Park, where he thinks to save lives. Simon appeared in one of Robin's music videos, Sandcastles in the Sand.

He dated Robin all summer, which in Canada is just the last week of July. He broke up with her in the back of his van after a concert of his band, the Foreskins. He dumped her for Louise Marsh, who had just bought a pool. Later, in 2008, he met Robin, who, unlike the rest of the gang, didn't notice everything cool about him was gone, a phenomenon Marshall dubbed revertigo He got bald and his band hasn't gone anywhere.

When he met Robin in 2008, the two started dating again. Robin got dumped a few days later in the same van, for the same girl, Louise Marsh, who now bought a Jacuzzi.

Season 8

He appears again in P.S. I Love You.

Simon in season 8.

Barney finds him in Tim Hortons and questions him if he was the guy Robin was obsessed with. Simon says that he is not that guy but tells him about the MuchMusic documentary about Robin Sparkles.

Season 9

Simon in season 9.

He reappears in a flashback shown in Bedtime Stories. Simon is back in New York and all cleaned up compared to his last appearance. Fresh from a breakup, Robin was a mess, so finding out that Simon was getting married to Louise Marsh stirred up bitterness that provoked her to steal their wedding cake.

Episode Appearances

  1. Sandcastles in the Sand
  2. P.S. I Love You
  3. Bedtime Stories

Notes and Trivia

  • Simon has a large collection of Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts which impressed Robin.
  • One of his band's (The Foreskins) songs, "Murder Train", has been used in several episodes of the show.

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