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May 13, 2013
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As the gang prepares to head out to Robin and Barney’s wedding, Ted invites Lily to see the house he's finally finished fixing up. Meanwhile, Robin and Barney’s night of relaxation is ruined by an obnoxious couple, and Marshall takes the baby on a last-minute trip to Minnesota to see his family.


Future Ted tells his kids in the spring of 2013, that he was finishing renovating his house, Barney and Robin were practicing their first dance, and Marshall and Lily were finishing packing for Rome.

While packing, Lily gets a call from her mother-in-law, Judy. Lily tells Judy that she is busy packing for Rome, but finds out that Marshall hadn't told her about their yearlong move to Rome, and planned on telling her a few months after already living there. Judy demands that they let her see Marvin before they move, and Marshall suggests that she visit them for a week. However, Lily objects, saying that the place will be all packed up. Marshall then suggests that they all go visit her for a week, but Lily says can't go to Minnesota, as she has a job. Finally Marshall suggests that he take Marvin for a week to Minnesota, which Lily reluctantly agrees to. While Marshall and Marvin are in Minnesota, Judy "jokes" that she either won't let them move to Rome or accompany them as well, which starts freaking Lily out. She talks to Marshall about this one the phone, but he assures her that nothing is going to change their plans of moving to Rome. As he hangs up the phone, he gets a call back about his application for a judgeship, telling him that there is an opening for him to be a judge next Tuesday. Marshall asks the man about there being any possibility about him becoming a judge after his trip to Rome, but he is informed that he has to begin next Tuesday.

At the the bar, Ted informs Lily that the renovation of his house in Westchester is complete. She accompanies him to see the house, and is amazed. She talks about how Ted's future kids will enjoy their time in the house, but then sees a "For Sale" sign. She asks Ted about it, and he tells her that he is soon moving to Chicago. He tells her that he has looked everywhere in New York for the love of his life and has failed, and that maybe she is in Chicago. Lily tries to convince him that the love of his life is somewhere in New York. When she asks him when he is leaving, he tells her that it's the day after the wedding. Lily then realizes that he's moving to Chicago to get away from Robin after she gets married to Barney. Lily asks if something happened between him and Robin lately, he tells her what happened when they were finding the locket that was meant to be Robin's something old. He says that he would do anything to get that locket to make Robin happy. Lily then tells him that she knows where the locket it is. She recounts a story from of not long before his wedding to Stella was supposed to take place.

Robin was at the bar drunk and laments in front of Lily about Ted marrying Stella and not her, and that she is moving to Japan just to get away from him. In her drunken state, she took Lily to Central Park and dug up the locket. At the apartment, she told Lily that as Ted is not marrying her, she won't be able to use the locket as her something old, and will take it to Japan. Lily then puts the locket in a racecar pencil box sitting on a desk for Robin to safely take it with her.

When Lily finishes telling the story, Ted tells her that he has the racecar pencil box and that the locket was with him all along. He joyously says that this will be the best wedding gift to Robin, but Lily cautions him.

Meanwhile, after being done with their wedding arrangements, Barney and Robin go to a dinner date at a restaurant. While sitting at the bar (of the restaurant) Barney tells Robin that he booked their favorite table and shows her the cigars he bought, which were the first cigars they ever smoked together, which Robin is really touched by. As they are looking at the cigars, a couple sitting next to them asks them to put the them away. They tell the couple that they are not going to smoke them, but the couple complains of the smell. When Barney puts the cigars in the bag, they ask him to put the bag away as well, as the cigars are unappetizing to look at. This annoys Barney and Robin a lot and they declare the couple as their arch enemies. When the couple take Barney and Robin's table and they get a table by the kitchen door, which hits Barney in the back multiple times, this proves to be the last straw for them and they decide to break up the obnoxious couple.

Robin decides to pull the "ring in the champagne glass" to break the couple up, which apparently does the job. When the girl sees the rings and gets excited, the guy says that he is not ready to commit, which leads to a big fight.

Outside the restaurant, Barney and Robin celebrate breaking the couple up by smoking the cigars that Barney brought. The obnoxious couple then walks up to them and tells them that instead of breaking up, they actually got engaged. Barney and Robin congratulate them and are amazed at what their actions did.

On Friday at 10 AM, 56 hours before the wedding, everyone heads to Farhampton where the wedding is taking place. Ted is standing in his empty apartment. He takes a wrapped box and puts it in his bag. As he goes out the door he looks at his apartment. Before leaving, Lily calls Marshall (who is about to board a flight back), excited that they will be in Rome next week. As he hangs up, his brother Marcus asks him why hasn't told Lily yet, and Marshall says that it is face to face news. Marcus then addresses Marshall as "Your
The Mother, revealed.

First glimpse of The Mother

Honor", implying that Marshall has taken the offer to be a judge. Lily then leaves together with Ted. Barney and Robin are happily leaving to go get married with Ranjit as their Limo driver. Lily asks Ted when he will be leaving, and he says that he will leave early in the morning, the day after the wedding and he will take a train to the city during the night after the wedding. The Mother is then seen walking towards the ticketing booth at a train station, carrying her yellow umbrella and her bass guitar. As she asks for a ticket to Farhampton, her face is seen for the first time by the audience.


  • Ted first bought his house in Home Wreckers​, and although the gang initially demolishes it, Ted later started fixing it, as shown in Legendaddy​.
  • An engagement ring in champagne was used before to try to break up Robin and Barney in The Rough Patch​, and previously broke up Robin and Ted in Something Blue​.
  • It's never established how Robin gets her engagement ring back after it's put into the champagne glass. But later while smoking cigars with Barney, Robin is wearing the engagement ring as the couple approaches to say they're getting married. Getting the ring back explains how the couple knew the ring delivery was was the work of Robin/Barney.
  • As usual, Marshall falls for some of Marcus' jokes-with-puch.
  • While planning the revenge, Robin suggests to key their car. Kevin mentioned she keyd a car as a revenge in The Stinson Missile Crisis.
  • A flashforward to Marshall applying for a judgeship was seen in Twelve Horny Women. That interview for the judge position happened sometime between Twelve Horny Women and this episode.
  • Lily calls Ted "Teddy Westside", a nickname he has used for himself in Rabbit or Duck and Cleaning House.
  • Ted and Lily are drinking Wharmpess at his house.
  • Lily previously used "where's the poop" phrase in Unfinished.
  • Robin's locket was found when Ted was about to marry Stella, and Robin was moving to Japan.  This occurred sometime before the events in Shelter Island​.
  • The Mother is holding the jacket and is wearing the same purple dress as seen in the Farhampton.
  • This marks the first appearance of The Mother's actual identity (face, etc), up to this point we've only seen various body parts along with her symbolic Yellow Umbrella and the guitar case.
  • It also marks the first time the actual actress played The Mother. In previous cases it was one of the extras substituting for The Mother.
  • When Lily asks how Ted is getting home from the Wedding, he tells her that he's "Probably going to take the train" this alludes to the fact he meets The Mother at the Farhampton train station.
  • The Mother is listed in the credits as "the girl with the yellow umbrella." Previously in Ducky Tie​, the gang mentions a string of Ted's ex girlfriends--"The girl who beat you up." "The girl who ruined a photo with Slash!" "The girl who made you get a butterfly tattoo?"--, to which Ted replies, "You make it sound like I dated a series of Stieg Larsson novels." The Mother is credited similarly.
  • The race car pencil box can be seen in the rack behind Ted's kids in is house in 2030. It was also seen in Slutty Pumpkin in the background in the apartment, and in other episodes too.
  • The couple of hobos fighting over a sandwich was first mentioned by Barney in No Pressure.
  • The first cigars Robin and Barney smoke together were seen in Zip, Zip, Zip​, when Robin took over Ted's role as a bro.
  • Marshall mentions the "giant Jor-El head from Superman" which reminisces what Barney can do in his apartment in The Fortress.

Future References (Contains Spoilers)

  • Near the end of the episode, it shows the day, time, and hours remaining until the wedding. This is how most episodes of Season 9 will begin.
  • Marshall will tell Lily about taking the Judiciary position in No Questions Asked.
  • Ted's plans to move to Chicago will be a main plot point of Season 9.
  • We will find out in Platonish and Sunrise, that Ted plans on working for Hammond Druthers in Chicago.
  • The pictures that Marshall's mom takes will be a focal point of The Locket.
  • Judy says that she will follow Marshall, Lily and Marvin to Italy. She is indeed seen there in Daisy​.
  • ​Lily acted up at first to appear sad that Marvin would be separated from her only to drink up and celebrate being free of the parental responsibilities. Something similar will happen again in a flashforward sequence found in the episode Rally when she and Marshall send Marvin off to university and they go to the bar and exclaim "We got him out of the House!"


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Memorable Quotes

The Mother: Hi. One ticket to Farhampton, please.

Lily: You didn't tell your mom about Rome?
Marshall: It didn't feel right! This isn't an over-the-phone news, this is face-to-face news! I was gonna tell her when we see her in Christmas!
Lily: You were gonna wait and tell her after we've been living there for six months? That.....was a great plan! Dammit!

Judy: If you're moving to Rome I at least need to see my grandson before you go!
Marshall: Of course and that is why we would love for you to come visit us for a week!
Lily: Nooo! The place will be all packed up!
Marshall: Oh oh mom, better idea. How about we all come visit you for a week!
Lily: I can't go to Minnesota for a week! I have a job!
Marshall: Okay mom, here's the plan. Lily has to work so Marvin and I will come visit you for a whole week and I'll see if I can get a last minute flight.
Lily: You.......are gonna take my infant son away from me for a week...? WOOOO!!!

Robin: Know what, screw celebrating us. You know what we're gonna do?
Robin and Barney: Make those smug obnoxious sons of bitches pay!

Lily: Wow Ted, you did this all yourself?
Ted: Just like Ryan Gosling in The's pretty manly 'til I mention Ryan Gosling in The Notebook, huh.
Lily: Even I haven't seen it, Ted.

Lily: Oh..of course. You're not leaving because you think the love of your life isn't in New York. You're leaving because you think she is.And this time next week she'll be married to your best friend.

Lily: The girl! She's out there walking around New York City right now, probably in a pair of really cute boots that she's gonna let me borrow whenever I want because we're the same size! She's out there Ted!
Ted: Is she really? Because I've looked. I have looked high and low, for someone I can love and adore, and cook waffles for. The closest I've come is Marshall.

Marshall: Gotta be a week from Tuesday?
Rand: Yes.
Marshall: And I would be a real judge.
Rand: Yes.
Marshall: With a robe?
Rand: Yes.
Marshall: Gavel?
Rand: Yes.
Marshall: Wacky Southern accent?
Rand: No.
Marshall: (in Southern accent) Now counsel, are you absolutely sure...
Rand: Yes.
Marshall: Do I have to be in New York for this?
Rand: Yes.
Marshall: I can't telecommute?
Rand: No.
Marshall: I couldn't be the crazy speaker phone judge?
Rand: No.
Marshall: Could I be a hologram?
Rand: No.
Marshall: An animatronic robot like Abe Lincoln from the Hall of Presidents that I control from afar with a joystick.
Rand: No.
Marshall: Do you remember the giant Jor-El head from Superman?
Rand: Yes!
Marshall: Well what if I...
Rand: No.
Marshall: Is there any way that I could do this and also spend the next year of my life in Italy with my wife?
Rand: No.
Marshall: This is such a big decision. I'm not good at big decisions.
Rand: Are you sure you want to be a judge?

Robin: A week from today we're going to be legen -wait for it-
Barney: Married!
Together: Legenmarried!
Barney: Robin Scherbatsky... I love you so damn much.
Robin: I love you too, Barney Scherbatsky. That sounds good: think about it.
Barney: Shhhh...

Robin: Did those two just become our arch enemies?
Barney: No, Robin, they've always been our arch enemies. They've only just revealed themselves

Robin: Hey, Lily? Help me put this pencil box in my butt. (laughing).

Marcus: You still haven't told her
Marshall: No. This is face-to-face news.
Marcus: Good luck with that, your Honour.

Barney (as Calvin): "I'm probably saying some political stuff right now to sound smart."
Barney (as Krirstin): "I'm probably referring to some snooty podcast to sound even smarter."
Barney (as Calvin): "I'm probably saying something in French"- (dodges the swinging door) Aah!

Notes and Trivia

Goofs and Errors

  • Once again Ted tells Lily about his true feelings for Robin, even though he knows Lily can't keep a secret.
  • Even though in Something Old Robin takes a long time and many holes to find the locket, the flashback to when she found it before shows only one hole and Robin having found it as soon as Lily got there. Why was it so much harder for her to find the locket case the second time?
    • Robin was quite drunk the first time around, so might not remember where she buried the (now unknown to her) empty case

Allusions and Outside References

  • Marshall mentions Jor-El from the Superman (film) and the animatronic Abraham Lincoln in The Hall of Presidents at Disney World.
  • Robin says that her grandmother put the locket up her ass during WWII. This is a reference from the movie Pulp Fiction where Captain Koons gives little Butch a golden watch that he kept up his ass during the war so the enemies wouldn't confiscate it.
  • Lily talks about the Pixar movies, when she says " I want to watch a movie that doesn't start with a desk lamp jumping on top of an I" as a reference to the screen logo of Pixar movies
  • Lily also compares The Apartment to The Little House on the Prairie, as the cable and wi-fi are both down there.
  • Ted compares himself to Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.


Other Notes

  • All the extras from the scene with the mother are staff from How I Met Your Mother so no one apart from the crew knew who the Mother was. [1]
  • Krirstin talks about Doug Mand's podcast. Doug Mand is a writer for How I Met Your Mother.
  • Following the reveal of The Mother (Played by Cristin Milioti) How I Met Your Mother's official Facebook page uploaded a photo of her face and first line in the series causing an outrage among foreign fans for whom the episode hadn't even aired yet. 
  • Keegan-Mochael Key is the third Friends From College actor to appear in How I met Your Mother. Cobie Smulders plays Lisa Turner (Key's on screen wife). Jae Suh Park (Marianne in Friends From College) previously appeared as Crystal in Woooo!



  • The episode received 8.57 million viewers[2]
  • Donna Bowman of The AV Club gave the episode an A-[3]
  • Max Nicholson of IGN gave the episode a 7.5 out of 10, stating that although the scene with the mother was a nice little tease, the rest of the episode was "kinda boring".  He did not like the Robin and Barney storyline, saying that it was "perhaps the most stagnant C story ever with Robin and Barney" and was not worth cramming into the season finale.  However, he did praise Casey Wilson and Keegan-Michael Key's performance as their archenemies. He also found it hard to feel bad about how Ted feels about the wedding, as we already know "that he's about to meet the presumed love of his life", and therefore the Chicago bit was not hard hitting.  He did like the locket and judgeship storylines, saying that it was the only notable shakeup this week.  Despite all the downfalls of the episode, he stated that the episode was "worth the watch, definitely", mostly due to the mother reveal. [4]
  • Angel Cohn of Television Without Pity gave the episode a B, saying that he sort of liked the episode because of the mother reveal, Casey Wilson and (finally) a Marshall storyline. Most importantly, however, because it was "the season finale and now he doesn't have to think about How I Met Your Mother at all for a few months". [5]
  • The St. Petersburg Comic Review gave this episode 9.5 out of 10 stars. "...What? We've got to wait all summer to see how this turns out?"


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