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Sophie Tompkins
Sophie Tompkins.jpg
Portrayed by:
Hilary Duff (young), Kim Cattrall (old)
First appearance:
Also Known As:
The Father (unknown)
Ian (one date)
Drew (ex-boyfriend)
Jesse (Kissed)
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“But this is about my friend, Jesse, okay? And he is not some punchline for you to tell your dumb friends about at boozy brunch. He is an incredible guy and I am killing myself to make him believe that he will find love. Do you know how hard it is to believe that? Do you know what it's like to go on 87 first dates? No, 88! 88 first dates, and have none of them lead to anything even close to a real relationship? Have you ever met a totally cute, nice vice principal who wants to take you out? And all you can think about is 'Why? What's the point? If I say yes he's inevitably gonna turn into failed date number 89!'”
―Sophie defending Jesse.[src]

Sophie Tompkins is the lead character of How I Met Your Father, portrayed by Hilary Duff. Future Sophie is played by Kim Cattrall.


  • Spouse: Unknown (future)
  • Mother: Lori
  • Father: Unnamed
  • Children: Son (future)

Character Background

Sophie is an aspiring street photographer and hopeless romantic who cannot seem to get out of her own way when it comes to love. She lives with her best friend, Valentina. She never knew who her father was, mostly because her mother Lori had her out of wedlock. She moved 13 times growing up as Lori pursued boyfriend after boyfriend, causing Sophie to not have many friends. This affected her belief in romance. Though she still believes in finding The One, until 2022 she had never had a serious relationship despite going on many dates.

In 2050, Future Sophie tells her son the story of How I Met Your Father, or rather, how she ended up with his father after meeting him on the night of Sid and Hannah's engagement party in 2022.

Known Facts

Episode Appearances

  1. Pilot
  2. FOMO
  3. The Fixer
  4. Dirrty Thirty
  5. The Good Mom
  6. Stacey
  7. Rivka Rebel
  8. The Perfect Shot
  9. Jay Street
  10. Timing is Everything

Notes and Trivia

  • Sophie is HIMYF's female version of Ted Mosby.
  • Sophie's heart is in street photography, but she mostly shoots birthday parties and engagement photos to pay the rent.
  • Her comfort song is “Drops of Jupiter” by Train.
  • Sophie's first celebrity crush was Buzz Lightyear.
  • Unlike in How I Met Your Mother, where Future Ted was unseen, Sophie's future self is seen. On the other hand, her son is unseen and speaking to her through a webcam, unlike Ted's kids, who are seen.
  • Sophie freezes under pressure.
  • Because of her mother’s dating life, she moved around thirteen times, which is why she never had lot of friends growing up. As she got older, she became her mom's "Fixer."
  • She never knew who her real father is since she her mother hooked up a lot of guys.
  • She is similar to Kate Spencer from John Tucker Must Die where her mother hooked up a lot of guys and moved around a lot to start over.


  1. Sophie's Tinder profile in the pilot episode (set in 2022) mentions that she is 29. She later turns 30 in S1E4