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Sophie feels haunted by her boyfriend's ex. Sid and Hannah hash out an old argument. Charlie and Ellen host a dinner party.


Older Sophie explains that back in 2022 technology had a way of bringing the past into the present.

In the past- the gang is at Pemberton's. Sid and Hannah arrive to save everyone from Drew’s boring story. Hannah is in town so they can check out wedding venues, and they think they’ve found the perfect one. They’re gonna go stay at the place for the weekend, and they can invite two people.

Jesse thinks Sid is asking him but he is in fact asking Drew and Sophie. Jesse pretends he’s fine and tells the group he’s not perpetually single, he’s started dating someone. Her name is Mia, and he “really likes her”.

Charlie brings everyone beers, because he can’t remember what they ordered. There’s some talk about how illegal it is to have him working there, but then Sid gives him his first paycheck anyway, and Charlie announces he’s going to throw a dinner party. It’s hard to focus on that, though, as Hannah calls Sophie by the wrong name, Stacey, as she’s explaining why they can’t make it.

Stacey is actually Drew’s ex, and they hung out with Sid and Hannah a lot. Sophie predictably spirals, and Valentina helps by finding her on Instagram. Sophie has enough self-awareness to realize obsessing over this is not what she needs right before she first has sex with Drew. Valentina is shocked they haven’t had sex yet.

At Charlie and Ellen’s place, no one has arrived yet, but the dinner party is already off to a bad start. Charlie, as is to be expected, isn’t very good at buying stuff on a budget, and he puts too much pressure on himself to make sure everything goes perfectly. Then their guests (Charlie, Valentina, Jesse, and his girlfried Mia) appear.

Mia looks at Ellen like they’ve been intimately acquainted before just as they're introduced by her boyfriend, who's Ellen's brother, and has issues with Valentina’s leopard print shirt. Ellen begs Mia not to tell Jesse they once had sex, and she agrees after a while. The Hannah/Sid and Sophie/Drew party is checking out the possible wedding venue, and Sophie, who has not let the Stacey thing go, sees a picture that makes her believe Drew took Stacey to this same place before.

In a flashback, Sid is a kid and watching movies about New York with his dad, as he discusses why he decided to open his own business. His parents always wanted him to be a doctor, he and Hannah met in med school, but that was never his path. Owning Pemberton’s was.

Charlie confesses that this isn’t the first time he’s moved to another country to be with a woman because he wants to prove a point to Valentina – that nobody wants to hear about exes. This causes Mia to confess that she slept with Ellen, because she doesn’t want the relationship with Jesse to start on a lie.

Hannah is apparently not over Sid making the decision to quit medical school and buy a bar, particularly as it seems he made it without even consulting her. After finding the hotel's guestbook and a page with Drew and Stavey's names on it, Sophie takes a photo and attempted to send it to Valentina, only for it to go to Stacey because earlier, Sophie tracked down Stacey's social media.

At Charlie and Ellen’s place, Valentina found Charlie's passport and questions Charlie's past relationships in other countries where he, like he did with Valentina, willingly moved to another country and risked being disowned by his family to be with a girl. During this, Mia admits to Jesse that she slept with Ellen with the Gilbert-Walker siblings realizing the day Ellen left and dumped Mia was the day Jesse met the latter. Mia then decides to send a bomb threat to a bakery for "appropriating poppy seeds", which shocks the Gilbert-Walker siblings with Jesse claiming he always knew but pushed on with the relationship because he prefers being in such a relationship to being single and that he should be with Sid and Hannah. Ellen asks if that's true or he actually wishes to be with Sophie despite her relationship with Drew. After Jesse answers Ellen's question by claiming he wants to be with Sid and Hannah, Mia leaves, as does Valentina leaves as she doesn’t believe she’s different from Charlie’s other conquests.

Sophie and Sid bond over how they both screwed up their nights and help each other see why they just need to talk to their respective partners. Charlie then burns his passport to prove his love and Valentina confesses that she loves him.

Things get better for Sid and Hannah too – an apology Kit Kat goes a long way – and Sophie and Drew, as Sophie figures out social media doesn’t always correlate to reality. And she has sex.


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  • So Alive by Phillip LaRue

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Special Guest Star
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  • Stony Blyden as Jasper
  • Tanav K. Prabhat as 8 year old Sid
  • Indrajit Sarkar as Sid's Dad


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