This page is about Stacey. For Stacy, Ted's cousin, see Stacy.
Stacey Gusar
Portrayed by:
Janet Varney
First appearance:
Full name:
Stacey Gusar
Plays bass in a Reggae band
Barney Stinson - Dated
Ted Mosby - Dated
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Stacey Gusar is a girl that both Barney and Ted dated in Little Boys.

After arguing about who had more game, they point to a random girl in the bar (Stacey) and decided that the first one to sleep with her would be the one with more game. Barney is the first to try hitting on her, and gets slapped but claims to Ted that he had already slept with her and thus, won the game. Ted denies that Barney won, and decides to make his move on her.

Later in the episode, when is Ted going to "win" the game, he starts to think about Barney's claim that he had had "banged" her. Ted doesn't want to sleep with the girl Barney "banged". Thus, he starts to imagine little Barneys around her body, claiming that he has been in various areas, and they begin to describe various acts he had done, while a little Barney on her shoulder talks over them. Ted runs out and never meets her again.

After that, Barney confesses that he told Stacey to slap him to help Ted get her and told her to lie to Ted about being with him before. Then he reveals that he been trying to attract her while Ted is dating her. Thus, Barney declares himself the winner of the game as he going for the win. Eventually, he dates her for two months just to win the game as she scared what happen about Ted and her and wanted to take it slow. Barney has a similar hallucination to Ted, though it is not revealed if he sleeps with Stacey or not.

Notes and Trivia

  • She plays bass in a reggae band, does yoga, and says "goodbye" by saying "see ya later alligator".

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