This page is about Stacy. For Stacey, a woman Barney and Ted dated, see Stacey Gusar.
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Stacy is Ted Mosby's cousin.

Not much is known about Stacy, except that she is very religious and fertile. Ted describes her in Brunch as "a ride at a water-park" due to her fertility; she has six children and is pregnant with a seventh.

Due to his fight with Lily, Ted almost ends up spending Christmas with Stacy and her family in Staten Island, but his friends come to find him and he and Lily reconcile. He then leaves for Manhattan with them, but not before accidentally teaching Stacy's children a bad word. (How Lily Stole Christmas)


Notes and Trivia

  • Such is Stacy's level of religiousness that she:
    • Named one of her daughter Charity.
    • Doesn't set up Christmas decorations at home for the festivities.
    • Tells her children that Santa is the devil's way of tricking people, as it's an anagram of "Satan".
    • Does not let her children receive presents at Christmas, instead giving the gifts to charity (the less fortunate, not the aforementioned daughter).

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