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Steve Henry
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The Blitz
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Steve "The Blitz" Henry attended Wesleyan University with Ted and Marshall, where they became good friends. During this time, he inherited the Curse of The Blitz.

In college, he would often leave early and end up missing epic adventures. The next morning, upon hearing what he missed, The Blitz would utter the catchphrase of whoever was under the Curse of the Blitz: "Aw, man!".

During Thanksgiving of 2010, he would briefly pass on the curse to Ted. Ted passed it on to Barney who returned it to Steve. (Blitzgiving)

Notes and Trivia

  • He is an enthusiastic video gamer, particularly vintage/older games. Many of the times he left events early was so he could play video games. These games include Tomb Raider, Madden 2001 ("2K1" as he says) and Grand Theft Auto.
  • He makes several references to his character Hurley from Lost. These include the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, as well as saying he felt like he's spent an eternity on "that island".
  • The episode Gary Blauman shows he still has bad luck in his future, as he just misses winning the jackpot on a slot machine at a casino.

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