Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir

Stinson's hangover fixer elixir is a special drink, that Barney invented, to help the gang get over from their worst hangovers. It contains tantrum, grease, bananas, ginger, Funyuns, and a secret ingredient which, as Barney later revealed, was nothing. When the gang asked him why he lied, he told them that he loved them. It implies that the secret ingredient to the elixir is love. (Barney towards the gang.)

Stinson's hangover fixer elixir appeared in Rally, when Barney was having his worst hangover and the gang was trying to help him.

Uses of the Hangover Fixer Elixir

Barney used his drink when:

  • Ted got left at the altar (four and a half years before Rally, after Stella leaves him at the altar in Shelter Island​​​​)
  • Robin was getting back live on air (one and a half years before Rally, after Robin again becomes on-air talent at World Wide News)
  • Marshall worried that he had done poorly on the bar exam (six years before Rally, before Dowisetrepla​​​​).
  • Lily was worried about her kindergarten field trip (two years before Rally)

Ted also uses it when Tracy had a hangover on New year's 2022 at the end of Rally.

Fake History Lesson

Barney tells a fake history lesson about his hangover fixer elixir which was ripped off by Franklin D. Roosevelt's Manhattan project which was run by Doctor Robert Oppenheimer. He said the 'too many Manhattans project' run by Barnert Stinsonheimer made a few failures before resulting in a successful elixir that can cure hangovers. The project was a success and was awarded the Brobel prize.


Outside References

  • The idea for Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir is a possible reference to when lithium was used in 7-Up when it was created in 1929 believing that it was a cure for a hangover up until 1948. [1]

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