SuperFreakonomics is the band to which Tracy (the Mother) belongs.  It was formed by her and a few of her college friends while attending Columbia Business School. The name is a portmanteau of the Rich James song "Super Freak" and the book Freakonomics written by economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dubner. Additionally, the sequel to Freakonomics was titled Superfreakonomics.

Darren joins the band after meeting the Mother in a bar, but soon tries to take over. He attempts to kick Tracy out of the band, only to quit later on after she laughs at him for being punched by Ted

Episode Apperances

  1. Band or DJ? (partly; only see Tracy's arm and the arm and saxophone of another band member)
  2. Bass Player Wanted (partly; Tracy and Darren are the only members shown)
  3. How Your Mother Met Me (partly; Tracy and Darren are the only members shown, although other characters in the episode are possible members)
  4. Last Forever - Part One and Last Forever - Part Two (complete band)

Band Members

Other Notes

  • Their only known gig is Barney and Robin's wedding at the Farhampton Inn, in May 2013. They were booked a week before the wedding, as seen in Band or DJ?, as a replacement for the original band that cancelled.
  • Ted, as Barney and Robin's wedding's planner, hires them after running into Cindy and her partner Casey on a train ride​.
  • One of the unnamed members of the band is shown playing a saxophone in Band or DJ?, but does not appear in the last few episodes of the show.
  • The Season 9 DVD contains a deleted scene of Robin singing "Let's Go to the Mall" with the wedding band. This scene also shows that there were five members (six if Darren was still part of it) in total, with Tracy being the only female in the band.

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