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Barney's Birthday

There seems to be some controversy in the show on the year Barney was born. In "Zoo or False", Ted claimed that Barney was born 7 years after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon meaning he was born in 1976. But in "Natural History", Barney claims that he was six years old when he knocked down the blue whale display and security file on the incident was dated July 23, 1981 which would mean that he was born in 1975.

Actually if he was six years old on July 23, 1981 then it means he would have to have been born on (or between) 24th July 1974 and 23rd July 1975. So, according
But yeah, that contradicts Ted saying Barney was born 7 years after the moon landing. So that's a pretty big mistake they made, not keeping consistent with Barney's birthday.
It's possible Ted made a mistake (I know I have difficulty remembering my friends' birthdays), and Barney really is born in 1975 (since he'd be the person most likely to remember his correct age/date of birth).
I'll look for a definitive answer. In the mean time, I've put "1974 to 1976" as the DOB in the infobox (with a referenced explanation as to why), until we can find the correct date. Blind 16:36, February 10, 2011 (UTC)
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