Tantrum, an energy drink

Tantrum is an energy drink which according to Future Ted has "the highest caffeine level legally available over the counter". In college, Ted and Marshall drank this during the road trip from Wesleyan to the pizzeria Gazzola's. The drink brought on a severe caffeine high and according to Ted, made him colorblind for two weeks. (Duel Citizenship). It was eventually discontinued after study conducted by the FDA, but it can still be found in select convenience stores.

- Marshall, Ted, and Lily after drinking Tantrum in Duel Citizenship

In Duel Citizenship, Ted, Marshall and Lily redid the trip to Gazzola's.

Lily after Tantrum

Lily after Tantrum

In Rally, One of the Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir ingredients is Tantrum. Also, Marshall throws a Tantrum to Ted.

Notes and Trivia

Tantrum might be a reference to the Norwegian citrus soda Urge made by Coca-cola exclusively in Norway. Urge is a high caffeine energy soda. It's most likely, though, a reference to "Jolt Cola", a soft drink available in the US and Canada in the 80's and 90's that boasted "All the Sugar and Twice the Caffeine", or Surge, a highly caffeinated citrus-flavored soda popular in the 90s.  It may also be a reference to Mountain Dew which shares its characteristic color, caffeine, and hardcore marketing but most likely the green flavor of Jolt.

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