Ted and Marshall


Started Friendship
First year of college
Current Status
Best Friends

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How i met everyone else - ted and marshall

Ted and Marshall meet in college

Ted and Marshall's friendship while they were roommates in college at Wesleyan University. Their many road trips in Marshall's Pontiac Fiero, often to Gazzola's in Chicago, helped make them "best bros". After college, Ted and Marshall moved to New York City together with Marshall's girlfriend Lily. Throughout the show, Ted and Marshall have always been best friends and say it on many occasions.
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Ted and Marshall on a road trip.

Show Outline

In general, Ted and Marshall always back each other up when one of them is put in a corner by the other members of the group, although there are a few exceptions.

While Marshall was going through every stage of growing up (be engaged - get married - become a parent), Ted stayed behind, which seemed to sting him sometimes. As he said himself, he thought he would be doing the same as Marshall at that point. While Ted is struggling to find the right girl, Marshall is always willing to step in, as he went from their house in Staten Island to New York early in the morning cause Ted wanted to talk to him about something important. As well as ruining his first night alone with Lily for Ted.

Ted, on the other hand, tried to help Marshall, and Lily, where he could when both of them hadn't enough money for their crooked apartment, even selling his car to give them the money.

Ted was Marshall's best man during Marshall's wedding, and it can be presumed that Marshall was Ted's best man as well.

Significant Episodes

Season 1

  • The Duel - Ted and Marshall fight over the apartment

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • Do I Know You? - Marshall joins Ted in waiting to find out if Stella will like Star Wars. He then keeps it a secret that she hated it to protect Ted

Season 5

  • Duel Citizenship - Marshall and Ted go on a road trip but Ted gets mad that Marshall invited Lily. Ted kidnaps Marshall and they realize that while not the same as they were in college, their friendship remains strong
  • Home Wreckers - Marshall backs Ted up when the last one bought an in really bad shape house by explaining mistakes he made in the past. In de ending, he gives Ted a housewarming party and Ted shows him the ideas for the house.

Season 6

Season 7

  • The Best Man - In his drunken state, Marshall talks Ted up about his article in New York magazine to a few different guests at Punchy's wedding.
  • The Stinson Missile Crisis - Ted and Marshall take a birthing class together.
  • Tick Tick Tick - Ted and Marshall go to a concert, and "eat a sandwich".
  • No Pressure - Marshall tells Robin to move out of the apartment to protect Ted.
  • Karma - Ted moves out of the apartment, leaving it to Marshall and Lily.
  • The Broath - To seal a broath, Barney makes Ted and Marshall kiss.
  • Trilogy Time - Ted, Marshall and Barney embark on another "Trilogy Time".

Season 8

  • The Final Page - Part Two - Ted asks Marshall for advice on whether to tell Robin about Barney's plan of proposing to Patrice.
  • The Fortress - Ted helps Marshall look after Marvin, while Lily is busy with her new job. They are mistaken as, and enjoy pretending to be, a gay couple.


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