Their wedding is first seen for a brief moment in Lucky Penny

Engagement & Marriage

Ted and Mother at the Lighthouse (7)

Ted's proposal to Tracy in 2015

Ted and Tracy first get engaged in 2015, as seen in The Lighthouse. They were planning on getting married in September of that year in a fancy expensive ceremony in a castle in France, but had to postpone the wedding when Tracy discovered she was pregnant with Penny.

It is revealed that by 2019, at Robots Versus Wrestlers, they still have not tied the knot, but have had a second child named Luke

Ted and tracy's wedding

Ted and Tracy's wedding-Last Forever - Part Two

In 2020, they get re-engaged, as Ted mentions a five year rule about engagements. They get married that same week. They have a pre-wedding party at MacLaren's Pub, where Robin shows up unexpectedly. When Ted mentions that Robin marked "no" on her invitation, she tells Ted that Tracy persuaded her to come.

Their wedding is four years before Tracy's death in 2024 and seven years after they met in 2013.


The only guests shown are BarneyRobinMarshall and Lily.  

However, it can be assumed that their kids, Penny and Luke Mosby (who would be 5 and 3 years old at this point) and other members of their extended family also attended. Other possible guests could include CindyCasey, and members of Superfreakonomics (sans Darren). 

It is also unknown if Ted invited Bernice

Other notes

  • It can also be assumed that Ranjit was their limo driver.
  • They most likely honeymooned at the Farhampton Inn, as they frequent the hotel for vacation.
  • The mother is wearing a different dress and veil in Lucky Penny (the flashforward to the wedding) than in this episode, where it is a simple, veil-less dress.
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