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  • The following fields can be used:
    • name = name (no brackets)
    • image = file name with the "File:" prefix and without brackets or size
    • season = season number
    • episode = episode number in the season
    • airdate = date it first aired
    • writer = writers (use brackets, separate each with <br/>
    • director = director (use brackets)
    • previous = previous episode (no brackets)
    • next = next episode (no brackets)
    • plot =
    • blog = (name of blog post related. no brackets and you don't need the "Barney's Blog:" part)
    • blog2 = (if second blog)
    • blog3 = (if third blog)

  • For related templates, see:
  • By putting "Episode box" as the first part of the template name, it allows you to use all the info available in the template page for an episode. Most of the info is detailed in Template:Episode box infobox. This is the default version of the template which is merely the linktip and formatting of the episode name. It allows users to surround the episode name with curly brackets and automatically format, link, handle disambiguation, and do the mouse over information all from information in the template for the episode.
  • The error shown here can be disregarded. It results from parsing of a variable which would be a number whenever this template was used. If an invalid episode name was used, it will result in a red link rather than the proper template like any other template that doesn't exist.
  • Issues with this template (which works a bit complicated but was designed to be easy for the end user) can be taken to User:JediRogue on her talk page.