That's the Dream is a recurring phrase. Despite Ted claiming that Barney uses it far too often, it has frequently been used by other members of the gang.

The Dreams

  • (Ted): Getting married in Canada in June.[1]
  • (Ted): Having your lady provide for you if you were lost in the wilderness (said sarcastically to Hammond Druthers). [2]
  • (Robin): A guy giving you a two syllable damn.[3]
  • (Ted): A girl who's not only hot but loves Star Wars.[4]
  • (Robin): A guy telling when you can and can't pee.[5]
  • (Ted): She's an architecture nerd! A hot architecture nerd![6]
  • (Barney): You can't get a girl pregnant.[7]
  • (Barney): Going to jail for your best bro.[8] Ted also quotes past "dreams" he has stated in this episode (see the quotes section).
  • (Ted): Barney not being able to use the phrase "That's the Dream" again.
  • (Ted): Weekend at Barney's (although he cannot believe he claims that that is the dream). [9]
  • (Barney): Enlisting in the US Marines with your bro (so that you can marry in their uniforms). [10]
  • (Marshall/Barney/Ted): Getting regular fries, with a few accidental curly fries mixed in. [11]
  • (Barney): Entering your golden/Clooney/daddy issues years, where you don't just remind messed-up girls of their dads because you're emotionally distant. You freaking look like their dads. [12]


Ted: You're too liberal with the phrase "That's the dream".
Barney: Name one other time I've said that.
Ted: A suit made of prosciutto so you can eat your way naked, that's the dream. A pack of lions fighting a tyrannosaurus, that's the dream. Being able to take a whole year's worth of dumps in one, non-stop twenty-four hour period then not having to dump again for the rest of the year, that's the dream.
Barney: I never said Dump Day was the dream. I said science is this close to a pill.
Ted: There can only be one "the dream"! You're saying it's going to jail for a bro? You're comfortable with that being the one and only dream, forever?
Barney: Yes.
Ted: Great, now you can never use that phrase again. And for me, that's the dream.


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