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An unexpected visit from Sophie's mom heightened Val's concern for her friend. Charlie helps Jesse and Sid face past traumas. A culinary quest leads Ellen to someone new.


Older Sophie talks about how some parents have their flaws- parents besides hers.

In a flashback, younger Sophie plans another date with Drew - a game night with his friends. Her mother Lori unexpectedly shows up to celebrate Sophie's birthday even though it was a week before. Sophie still takes her to meet her friends, which turns out to be awkward because her mom keeps hitting on Charlie. In the midst of this, Sophie's mother claims she has a new boyfried, which Sophie suspects will the end the same way it always did as she spoke from experience.

The whole gang decide to go with Sophie to meet the boyfriend except for Jesse and Sid. Later, however, Charlie declares to Jesse and Sid that he’s found his calling. He’s going to help people suffering from trauma, starting with Jesse. Charlie thinks that Jesse still hasn’t processed his issues steaming from the infamous proposal fail. He thinks Jesse needs to start with exposure therapy and watch the actual proposal fail video.

Ellen ends up having a flirty conversation at a wake. She ends up leaving with the granddaughter of the deceased, who happens to live across from her.

Sophie and Valentina meet up with the mysterious boyfriend, only to find a younger, handsome musician. Sophie thinks there’s a catch. Valentina just wants her to head to game night. But they stay, as Sophie is determined to prove her point.

While this is going on, the guys watch the proposal fail video, and Jesse confesses it’s not as bad as he thought. He’s ready to head to the scene of the crime, the bar where it all happened—Where Sophie and Valentina are. Except Sid doesn’t want to come, because he actually does know Sophie’s mom. She took his “masturbation virginity” because as a child, he owned a poster of Lori wearing a bikini and his attempt to masturbate to the poster led to the death of his pet hamster.

Sophie is actually impressed by the boyfriend. The problem is, her mom is cheating on him, with his manager. Not as big a problem as Sid’s trauma’s surrounding Sophie’s mom, but Charlie is determined to heal that too. They’re all heading to the bar.

Once they get there, Charlie and Ellen discuss their dead neighbor and discover the granddaughter is a fraud. Or, at least, they think she is, until Ellen confronts her and they realize Charlie got the names wrong.

Later, Valentina has to break the news to Sophie that her mother might not be “picking bad guys,” she might be the bad guy. Sophie has a hard time processing this. Charlie helps Sid talk to Lori and start to get over his trauma.

Sophie is left to confront her mother and perhaps, see her for who she is, for the first time. Her mom is a mess but she loves Sophie, even calling her the best thing she’s done. And Sophie has spent her entire life being there for her mom, even when it means putting her over herself - until now.

As Sophie heads to game night, Jesse tries to get back out there with a song, but ends up getting into a bit of a tiff with a patron, and quits while he’s ahead. He took a step forward, though, so he’s happy. And so is Charlie, who has found his calling. Except that becoming a psychiatrist takes too long, so he’ll settle for being a bartender at Pemberton's.

Back to the present, older Sophie talks about she would have never gotten to meet the father if she hadn’t confronted her issues with her mom, as younger Sophie meets up with Drew and gets ready to meet his friends.


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  • Days Like These by Sweet and Lonely
  • nobody else by LANY

Other Notes

  • In addition to Josh Peck, Paget Brewster is also credited a "special guest star".
  • Lori says she's a Sagittarius meaning she was born between November 22 and December 21.


Special Guest Star
Guest Starring
  • Stony Blyden as Jasper
  • Nick Atkinson as Brad
  • Pressly Coker as Bar Guy
  • Danielle Macantsntan as Waitress
  • Nischal Nara as Young Sid
  • Brandon Papo as Guy recording Jesse
  • Aaron Therol as Guy in Crowd


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