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The Gun Range is a location frequently visited by Robin.


In Where Were We?, Robin takes Marshall to the range hoping it would help him recover from being broken up with by Lily. After Robin shoots a few rounds, she asks Marshall if he would like a try. However, she forgets to mention the recoil, and Marshall accidentally knocks himself out trying to shoot the gun. After recovering, he manages to shoot the gun with ease, and is actively excited that he is shooting a gun.

In Of Course, Robin visits the range to vent her anger at Barney for treating Anita, a woman Barney hopes to have a one night stand with, better than he ever did whilst he was dating Robin. Once Barney walks in, he explains that he has cancelled the special date with Anita so Robin can go instead with Don.

In Zoo or False, Robin takes Lily to visit the range in order to convince Lily to purchase a gun so she would feel safer. Lily thoroughly enjoys the experience, and even claims that she is "a gun person now", and then throughout the episode mentions purchasing a gun. After this episode, however, she doesn't seem to like guns anymore.

Episode Appearances

  1. Where Were We?
  2. Of Course
  3. Zoo or False


  • The only member of the gang that has not appeared in the range is Ted.
  • It appears every time a scene takes place at the range, no other gun range members are present.

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