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A hook is a relationship state where a person can be partially committed to a potential love interest, while being single or in another relationship. The term was introduced in season 5 episode Hooked, when the gang brings it up that a girl Tiffany has kept Ted on the hook as she already has a boyfriend. It was brought by Robin who explained it as "She's stringing you along, but she's not committing to you, but she's keeping you around, just in case, like an old can of chili in the pantry." The "hooker" actually likes the "hooked" and generally says "I can't be with you, right now".

Common traits

  • The hooked usually gives the "hooker" foot massages.
  • The hooked cooks and feeds chocolate cake for the hooker. He/she also plan and cooks whole dinner, romantically, but the hooker generally misses the signal.
  • The hooked also does laundry for the hooker.
  • The hooked and hooker "cuddles".

List of Hookers and Hooked

  • Lily and Scooter.
  • Tiffany, the pharma girl and Ted.
  • Robin and Mike, the cameraman.
  • Ted and Henrietta (Future Ted admits to his kids that he was such a jerk to her).
  • Lisa Walker, Marshall's high school classmate and Marshall.
  • Jack and Tiffany.
  • Henrietta and Jack.


  • Robin has also been on someone's hook. Ted calls her "captain Hook".
  • Ted's case was a cycle where the girl who had kept him on hook, was herself on a guy's hook, who himself was on the hook of the girl who Ted had kept on his hook.
  • Mike would be on further hooks of Anita and Becky.