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The Rebound Girl 2
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November 21, 2011
Pamela Fryman
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Ted and Barney discuss making a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Robin tries to discourage Marshall and Lily from moving to Long Island.


Barney and Ted chat about their failed romantic lives with each other and also discuss how it would be better if they were gay. While talking about this, they decide to adopt a baby as bros. But Ted says that they are drunk and should think about this once they are sober. The following morning, they decide that they want to go through with it and fill out an online application form of an adoption agency. But later on they have an argument about raising the baby in Ted's house in Westchester and who should quit their job. They resolve these issues but once Ted realizes that Barney will be a terrible father and tells him so, Barney angrily storms out. Later on, when Ted is apologizing to Barney on the phone, Barney enters the apartment with a baby girl. At first Ted is worried where Barney got the baby from. However, he stops questioning Barney once he notices that the baby is attracting the attention of many women.

Marshall and Lily visit their house in Long Island which Lily got from her grandparents. They initially decide to sell it, however they later decide to move in when they notice that their apartment is really small as compared to the house. Robin tries to convince them not to move to Long Island but fails. When all three of them reach the house to prepare for Thanksgiving, Robin locks herself in one of the bathrooms and says that she won't come out until they promise that they will never move away.

A few minutes later Ted and Barney walk in with the baby whom they have named Hurricane. Lily is shocked by this and asks where they got the baby from. While Barney is out to get diapers, Ted tells Lily why he and Barney decided to adopt a baby. Just then James and his partner Tom arrive with their son Eli. James tells them that the baby is their newly adopted daughter, Sadie, whom Barney was babysitting. James also says that he overheard Ted, and tells him to wait for the right person to start a family. When Barney comes back, Ted tells him that he doesn't want to adopt a baby anymore. Barney says that he is going out for a walk but he enters the bathroom, in which Robin has locked herself in, through the window. He tells her how he and Ted almost adopted a baby (blaming it all on Ted) and that he can't imagine himself being someone's dad. When he is done talking, Robin tells him that she is pregnant.


  • Lily is noticeably pregnant (and so is Alyson Hannigan in real life). Unlike Hannigan's first pregnancy this one was written into the storyline with Lily and Marshall's first child.
  • Marshall talks about destroying the house with sledgehammers. The gang previously destroyed Ted's house with sledgehammers in Home Wreckers.
  • Barney and Ted name the baby "Hurricane". Ted mentioned the name Hurricane as a potential baby name in Disaster Averted.
  • Marshall lets the universe decide whether he and Lily should move to Long Island. Lily previously left the decision of them trying to get pregnant up to the universe in Robots Versus Wrestlers.
  • Lily's hinted bisexuality shows again, when she says she has weird erotic dreams about Robin as a result of her pregnancy.
  • Barney and Ted discussed adopting a baby as best friends and Barney wanted Ted to tell Marshall that he was Ted's first choice. Barney calls dibs on the 3 nannies he wants to hire. This is a continuation of the unfinished debate between Barney and Marshall in The Three Days Rule.
  • This is the second time Barney mentions having a guy for almost everything, the first episode he did this was in Definitions.
  • Marshall offers Robin a plate of cheese. He first shows his enthusiasm for cheese because it is the only food Lily lets him be in charge of in The Sexless Innkeeper.
  • Marshall's exaggerated difficulty passing through doors in his and Lily's apartment is a call back to I Heart NJ, when Marshall confesses to the gang that he hates New York City because it wasn't built for people his size.


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Memorable Quotes

Ted: Did Guy the guy guy get you a baby guy?

Robin: I'm pregnant!

Future Ted: Now, kids, it had been a rough couple weeks for Barney.

First, he cheated on his girlfriend with Robin, then he broke up with his girlfriend for Robin, then Robin chose Kevin over him. So he was kind of in a bad place.

Ted: Hey. You all right?
Barney: Why wouldn't I be all right? Barney's single again! It's what America's been clamoring for.
Ted: You just went through a break-up.

That's usually when people do something crazy. If you were a girl, you'd have cut bangs and be dating you by now. Just promise me you won't do something crazy.

Barney: I promise I won't do something crazy.
Future Ted: Don't worry, he's gonna do something crazy.
Barney: In fact, I think I'm done with girls. I'm not sure I even like them anymore.
Ted: Based on all the stuff you've done to them over the years, I'm not sure you ever liked them.
Barney: I'm serious.
Ted: Come on, you love girls.

If anyone should be done with girls, it's me. Look at the year I've had.

Zoey, Victoria, the Slutty Pumpkin.
Barney: Now I'm worried you're gonna do something crazy.
Ted: I'm not gonna do something crazy.
Future Ted: And yes, I'm gonna do something crazy, too.

Robin: Listen to yourself. This is Pregnancy Brain all over again.
Lily: No, I'm done with Pregnancy Brain. I've moved on to weird pregnancy sex dreams. Officer. (salutes like an officer) You know. You know. (talking in naughty way)

Barney: You're right. So let's go home, take some aspirin, drink lots of water, and then see if it's still a good idea tomorrow. (Next Day) It's still a good idea!
Ted: It's totally still a good idea!
Ted and Barney: We're having a baby!
Future Ted: Kids, I cannot stress this enough: Barney and I were going through a tough time.

Barney: Just think of it, Ted, you and me, living together, with our kid, my two hot nannies, our pet cobra-
Ted: What?
Barney: A kid needs a pet cobra, Ted.

Don't be a pill about this. And we'll have amazing weeklong parties, and there'll be swords and ninja stars lying around.

Future Ted: That's when I realized: adopting a baby with a friend? Crazy. Adopting a baby with Barney? Freaking nuts.
Ted figures out adopting a baby with Barney is a bad idea.

Notes and Trivia

Goofs and Errors

  • When Barney walks in after buying some "diapers" for Sadie, the stack of wipes is not very tall. But after the camera cut to James and back to Barney again, the stack of wipes is noticeably taller, as seen in the next scene when Barney is having trouble steadying the stack on the table behind him.
  • When Ted is explaining Bro Parenting to Lily and calls the baby Hurricane, he is corrected by James. There was no indication that he entered the house.
    • Lily is facing the door and would have noticed James entering, even if there was no noise.

Allusions and Outside References


Other Notes

  • James' spouse, Tom, was portrayed by another actor in Single Stamina. The reason for this recast is unknown.
  • The German title is "Plan B".
  • This episode has a title similar to the season 3 episode Rebound Bro.



Featuring behind the scenes with Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders. And interview with the Props team Dave Baker, Chris Kurumada and Jessica Samuelson.


  • This episode attracted 10.01 million viewers. [1]
  • The AV Club's Donna Bowman graded the episode at B+. [2]
  • The St. Petersburg Comic Review gave this episode 8.5 out of 10 stars. "...Robin's pregnant, but it's Ted and Barney that are having a baby together!..."


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