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For the fictional film feature in this episode, see The Wedding Bride (film).
The Wedding Bride

HIMYM episode 5x23 (111)

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First aired:
May 17, 2010
Pamela Fryman
Stephen Lloyd
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Tony's movie, The Wedding Bride, is released. It turns out to be based entirely around the wedding between Ted and Stella and Tony's involvement. However, in the movie, Ted is a villian and Tony is a hero. The gang all see the movie and reflect upon it.


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Future Ted discusses with his children how everyone in their thirties tends to have "baggage," which then manifests itself in Ted's mind when he discovers it, and labeled baggage is shown onscreen. He talks about dating a girl named Royce who seems to have no baggage, despite several false starts in his apartment. The gang discuss their own baggage; even Marshall has baggage - he is just too nice and trusting. Ted then sees a new movie called The Wedding Bride with Royce and discovers it is based on his relationship with Stella and was written by Tony, the man Stella left him for, and his character, "Jed Mosely," is portrayed in a negative light (and one of the actors is even heard to call him "Ted Mosby" at the end of the film). He points out several of the aspects which were initially romantic, but twisted so that he comes off as a jerk. Royce also helps him realize that he has his own baggage: being left at the altar. His friends also tell him that he should tell Royce the truth, but Ted believes he can ignore it despite the movie becoming the 5th highest grossing movie of all time. Ted becomes angry and upset as the movie goes on to become a hit, and when Royce's friends talk about going to see the film again he finally snaps and walks out on her.

Marshall ultimately helps him cope with it, reminding Ted that he is fundamentally a nice guy. Ted rushes to the cinema where Royce is again watching the film and admits the film was based on his being left at the altar. He kisses Royce in front of the screen displaying a kiss scene from The Wedding Bride and takes her back to his apartment for pancakes. Royce then reveals her "baggage" - left at the altar three times, has a gambling addiction, and shares a bed with her brother. Ted asks her to leave.


  • Everything Royce and her friends mock Jed Mosley for are embarrassing things about Ted, including having a butterfly tattoo, first seen in Wait For It, having red cowboy boots, first seen in Everything Must Go, pronouncing "encyclopedia" pretentiously, as seen in Intervention, and getting beaten up by a goat, as seen in The Leap​.
    • However, it is unclear how Tony knew about the incident with the goat, as Stella left Ted for him before it occurred, in Shelter Island​.
  • The notion of a person having a "but..." was previously discussed in Little Boys.
  • Barney has always had an issue with women in their 30s, as seen previously in Little BoysIntervention, and Zoo or False.
  • Future Ted censors the story for his kids again, saying that Barney said "kiss" instead of "fuck". He does this for other dirty words and inappropriate activities throughout the series, usually by saying "eating a sandwich" to mean smoking marijuana, which he first uses in How I Met Everyone Else​.
  • Ted and Robin salute after Ted says "Major baggage", an inside joke between them first mentioned in Slapsgiving.
  • The key moments from Ted and Stella's relationship the movie re-writes to make Ted out to be the bad guy include their two-minute date in Ten Sessions, Ted's proposal with a stuffed animal in an arcade in Miracles, and Ted inviting Tony to the wedding in Shelter Island.
  • The movie version of Stella wears the same dress at her wedding to Jed Mosley that the real Stella wears in Shelter Island.
  • Barney claims that the movie got everything right about Stella's relationship with Ted, who is depicted as the villain, despite him being his best friend whom he displays sympathy for when he is left at the altar in Shelter Island. It is shown in The Stinsons that Barney always roots for films' intended antagonists.
  • Future Ted mentioned that Tony would find success as a screenwriter with his film The Wedding Bride in As Fast As She Can​.
  • Robin informs the gang that "The Wedding Bride" is the second-most popular film in North Korea, after some propaganda footage of Kim Jong-il riding a horse through a field. She mentions in The Front Porch​ that this footage gets higher ratings than her show.
  • This is not the first time that a member of the group unintentionally helped robbers ransack an apartment. Though Robin criticizes Marshall for being "too nice" and doing it here, she and Barney help several people "move out" of their apartment when trying to complete the Murtaugh List in Murtaugh.

Future References (Contains Spoilers)

  • Marshall being "too nice" is referenced again in Subway Wars​​​ and Oh Honey​​​.
  • Much to Ted's chagrin, "The Wedding Bride" eventually becomes a successful entertainment franchise, spawning:
    • A sequel, "The Wedding Bride Too", with the same actors who portray Stella, Tony, and Jed Mosley in the original film (Malin Akerman, Jason Lewis, and Chris Kattan, respectively), as seen in Vesuvius. Just like in The Wedding Bride episode, the Gang promised Ted they won't watch it only to break that promise in Vesuvius.
    • A Broadway musical, as mentioned in Vesuvius.
    • A second sequel, "The Wedding Bride III", which can be seen playing at a movie theatre in the background, during the flashforward to the first time Ted told the Mother he loved in No Pressure.


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Memorable Quotes

Robin: You can't treat New York City like it's the small, friendly, crime-free, inbred, backwoods, po-dunk, cow-tipping, Minnesota hickville where you grew up!

Marshall: That's normal!
Barney: There is only one street where that is normal. Here's a hint: A giant yellow bird lives on it.

Ted: Well, I'll be pretty happy if Royce's only baggage is that she's too nice.
Barney: Too nice? That's the worst kind of baggage. Best baggage: Hates her dad and thinks she's fat, but isn't. Angry sex on the first date, and as soon as you mention breakfast, she's gone ... Why do you guys hang out with me?

Future Ted: (Marshall, Lily and Robin are all talking about how dumb The Wedding Bride looks) know where this is going. (cuts to Lily, Robin and Barney at the theater seeing The Wedding Bride)

Barney: Oh go on honey, kiss him!
Future Ted: Your uncle Barney wasn't saying kiss...

Jed Mosely: (repeated line) No-can-dosville, babydoll!

Barney: Baggage is the cornerstone of America's greatest national product.
Ted, Marshall, Robin, Lily: (anticipating) Porn!
Barney: Actually, it's porn. No women works in porn without having major baggage.
Ted, Robin: (saluting) Major Baggage.

Ted: Remember how I proposed to Stella? That spontaneous moment in the arcade..I didn't have a ring so I gave her that toy from the crane machine.
Lily: Oh that was so sweet.
Marshall: So romantic.
Robin: A little cheesy.

Ted: Remember that two-minute date? When I squeezed an entire romantic evening into just two minutes to accommodate Stella's busy schedule?
Lily: Ted you are such a good guy.
Marshall: That was really nice.
Robin: Also a little cheesy.

Ted: So they're at the wedding...
Movie-Stella: I..
Movie-Tony: Stella!
Movie-Stella: Tony!
Jed: Tony?
Movie-Tony: Something I need to say long time ago i let this beautiful girl named Stella get away..and now she's with this jerk who doesn't appreciate what he have with this beautiful wedding.
Jed: You can't talk to me like that! I'm Ted Mosley!
Movie-Tony: I promise to make you my wife and I'd like to live that promise.
Movie-Stella: Tony..all I wanted my life was your love.
Movie-Tony: Stella, if you still truly love me..can you let me.. make you.. my wedding bride?
Movie-Stella: Can-dosville, babydoll!

Notes and Trivia

Goofs and Errors

  • In Perfect Week, Jim Nantz claimed, that Barney never slept with a fatty. However in the last scene of this episode, one fat woman in the back carries a baggage called "Slept with Barney" (as some other women in this scene).
    • A possible explanation is that the woman got fat after her encounter with Barney, allowing the statement to remain true. He also could have slept with her after the events of Perfect Week.
    • Jim Nantz may have lied, as he is a figure of Barney's imagination.
  • The episode mentions the fight with the goat, however when the fight happened it was Ted's 31st birthday. He was no longer with Stella, she could not know about it.
    • It is also true, however, that Ted has been in contact with Tony (and/or Stella), the screenwriter of the film, at least once (the time he accepts the job of architecture professor at university), which could slightly imply that he has let it slip to him.
  • In the episode As Fast As She Can, Ted has acted out like a hero when he saved Stella and Tony's relationship by talking to Tony. He also refused all the offers by Tony. It is highly improbable that after Ted has been so cool, and so integral to their relationship becoming this successful, that they would repay their gratitude by making such a film.
    • Three possibilities - From his perspective, Tony actually believes that his story is the true story, or Tony wrote an accurate story but Hollywood changed it, or Ted's version of events, as he relates them, paint him in a much more favorable light than the actual events as they transpired (although given Ted's character, they are obviously not anywhere near as bad as portrayed in the film).
      • It's worth noting that a lot of the beauty of the show is based around the concept of an unreliable narrator in Ted. All storytellers have their own perspective of what really happened, and the truth tends to lie somewhere in the middle. While the viewer is supposed to side with Ted (and rightfully so), the movie might show how things were viewed from an outside perspective.
      • Alternatively, the characterization of "Jed Mosely" wasn't actually as blatantly mean-spirited as it is shown, and this portrayal comes from the way Future Ted interpreted the character.

Allusions and Outside References

  • Barney alludes to Sesame Street and the character Big Bird, by describing a place where Marshall's overt geniality is normal as a street where a giant yellow bird lives.
  • Ted mentions Adolf Hitler during the bar scene with Royce and her friends.
  • According to Robin, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il ranked The Wedding Bride as his second favorite movie.
  • Instead of seeing The Wedding Bride, Marshall states that he wanted to watch Avatar again.
  • The Wedding Bride may be a reference to The Princess Bride. In both films, the climax has the hero racing to stop his love interest from marrying the wrong man.
  • Marshall said that he thought that the movie Spaceballs was about him.
  • The "baggages" in the background include being a fan of the Chicago Cubs and believing that Elvis Presley is still alive.
  • Jed Mosely's catchphrase in the The Wedding Bride was also one of Josh Radnor's lines in Not Another Teen Movie:"No can dosville, babydoll", also in The Leap​ Ted uses the catchphrase 'no can dos' when Marshall asked him went to the roof.
  • Jed Mosely is playing the arcade version of Hydro Thunder.


Other Notes

  • Barney tells Marshall the only place anyone is as nice is he is, is on Sesame Street. Jason Segel is a big fan of muppet characters and went on to star in the Muppets film in 2011.
  • In this episode, the cast members of The Wedding Bride film seen in the relevant sequences were not credited or identified.  In the Wedding Bride Too! sequences seen in Vesuvius, Akerman, Lewis, and Kattan were credited, but Akerman and Lewis did not make an on-screen appearance.
  • Guest Malin Akerman can also be seen with Josh Radnor in his 2010 directorial debut, Happythankyoumoreplease.
  • In the baggage scene at the end of this episode a few noteworthy jokes can be seen in the baggage:
    • Three women are seen with "Slept with Barney" on their baggage
    • A man with "Still think his Ska band will take off" bumps into and briefly talks with a girl with "Only dates guys in bands"
    • The man behind Ted has baggage labelled "Cubs fan"



  • Donna Bowman of The A.V. Club rated the episode with a grade B-. [1]
  • Amanda Sloane Murray of IGN gave the episode a grade of 9.3. She stated that the concept of a romantic comedy within a romantic comedy was a challenge for the writers, given the task of creating a fictional movie for the episode and casting actors who have themselves played characters in romantic comedies. [2]
  • DeAnn Welker of Television Without Pity rated the episode with a grade B-. [3]
  • The St. Petersburg Comic Review gave this episode 8 out of 10 stars. "...angry sex on the first date, and then as soon as you mention breakfast, she's gone."


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