• Someone remembers like in the episode of Blahblah, this one tells to Ted that "when he is again in a relationship with Robin, he will not remember her name"? And indeed, when Ted of 2030 telling the story to his children, does not remember the name of the girl, calling it Blahblah, in reference to the story of Ted ends with Robin.

    I hate Robin, by the way ...

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    • Hahaha if you hate Robin then you did not get the show.

      It is sad that we never really got to see her perspective enough

      but at least season 8 showed a bit of it and also the more scenes about the locket in season 9

      Ted was Robin's best friend, it was not Lily

      Let that sink in. Lily replaced Ted as Marshall's best friend, so she was his too.

      She understood him and knew she could not give him what he wanted.

      Oh well, you didn't get a reply after a year and I thought to be polite

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    • i love endingļ¼

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