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Screenwriter, Karate instructor
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Tony Grafanello is Stella Zinman's husband and Lucy's father. He worked as a karate instructor, and is currently a screenwriter.


In Shelter Island​, when Tony wouldn't allow Lucy to attend Stella and Ted's wedding, Ted goes to his house to convince him to let Lucy come and invites Tony to the wedding too. This is what results in Stella leaving Ted at the altar for him.

Stella and Lucy moved in with Tony after Stella left Ted Mosby at the altar. After he and Stella found Ted in the street, Tony thought he was devastated, and felt remorseful for what he had done. Later, he went to The Apartment, and offered him his help.
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Tony on Ted's couch.

Initially, Ted refused, but eventually accepted. Tony introduced him to a person he knew, who wanted to hire an architect to design a basement for is house, but Ted decided not to design it after realizing that the basement would be a murder house, where Tony's friend would torture and kill people. Tony finally offered Ted a job as a College professor of Architecture, which Ted again refused, although he would later take the job after his client chose Sven to design their hat shaped ribs restaurant. After Ted talked to Tony about Stella, Tony broke up with Stella, but Ted, after Stella asked him, talked to Tony again and convinced him to go back to Stella.

After that, Tony, Stella and Lucy moved to California, where Tony became a screenwriter, and wrote The Wedding Bride. That movie was about Stella and Ted's story, but completely inaccurate. Instead of the romantic and sweet man Ted was to Stella, in the movie, Jed Mosley was a lazy, arrogant, corrupt architect. Instead of the deadbeat, pathetic loser Tony really is, he is portrayed as a tall heroic figure.


Episode Appearances

  1. Shelter Island​ (first appearance)
  2. Happily Ever After​ (cameo)
  3. As Fast As She Can

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