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Ted Mosby (one-night stand)
Rachel (possible lesbian partner)
Unnamed spouse
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Trudy is a one-night-stand of Ted's.

Relationship with Ted

Season 1

They first meet in the ladies' room at MacLaren's Pub in The Pineapple Incident. Having just got out of a two-year relationship, she decides to hook up with the first guy she sees. Just then, Barney makes an appearance at their table, but she dismisses him. Later, drunk Ted starts singing out loud in the bar on top of a table not far from where she and her friends are sitting. She finds him cute and laughs at him when he falls off the table top.

Later that night, Ted meets Trudy in the ladies' room where he went to try and throw up. After a brief conversation, she gives him her number, and Ted calls her soon after. She hooks up with him that night but climbs down the fire escape from Ted's bedroom in The Apartment the next morning, re-counting the night's events. Future Ted says that Trudy never returns Ted's calls.

Season 3

In Third Wheel​​, she bumps into Ted again at MacLaren's. A few minutes later, college friend Rachel bumps into her, and the two reminisce with each other. The two girls show signs of being attracted to Ted, and they express the idea of having a long-fantasized threesome with him. Ted, however, bails out at the concrete prospect of the threeway, which would earn him Barney's three-way belt. Just as he's about to send the girls away, he decides to go for it, but by then, the girls have gone to Marshall and Lily's room. Whether Ted had the threeway or not remains a mystery to this day, since he has never confirmed or denied it. He never claimed the Threeway Belt.

Season 5

Although not appearing, she was mentioned to be married in Rabbit or Duck​​ when Marshall and Lily consider her as a possible wife for Ted in their plan to arrange-marriage him.

Season 7

Trudy is one of the many people Ted calls to invite to a Weird Al Yankovic Concert with him in Noretta​​.

Episode Appearances

  1. The Pineapple Incident
  2. Third Wheel​​
  3. Rabbit or Duck​​ (only mentioned)
  4. Noretta​​ (only mentioned)


Notes and Trivia

  • Trudy is attractive enough that, when she wakes up in The Apartment and introduces herself to Ted's friends, Barney and Marshall turn to Ted with pleased grins.
  • Ted's claim to Trudy in Third Wheel that he was too embarrassed to call her after the events of The Pineapple Incident contradicts Future Ted's statement that she never called him back.
  • In Third Wheel, after meeting Rachel, Trudy mentions how the two were members of the Kappa Epsilon Gamma sorority. The sorority is fictional.
    • The sorority's initials (K.E.G), could be a pun with reference to beer, which Ted happens to be drinking when he meets the girls.

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