For the stories told by Barney, see Fake History Lesson.
True Story

True Story is a catchphrase of Barney Stinson. He uses it after saying something that factually isn't true.

The true stories (excludes fake history lessons):

  • "When I get sad I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story." (Where Were We?)
  • "Whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story." (How Lily Stole Christmas)
  • "Baby and her family spent every summer at Kellerman's. Her dad did not approve of our love." "Did anyone put baby in a corner?" "Oh, god, no. What can I say, I... Had... The time of my life. True story." (First Time In New York)
  • "In my body, where the shame gland should be, there's a second awesome gland. True story." (Columns)
  • ”So you made a life changing decision to not change your life at all.” “True story.” (Arrivederci, Fiero)
  • "Did you know that boutonniere is French for 'booty is near'?. True story." (Glitter)
  • Barney says "true story" after a scene explaining how he lost the Ducky Tie (he removed it to help pull up a child hanging from the ledge of a building, it was then stolen by a bird). Lily subsequently walks into the bar holding the tie and says "look what I just found in the trash." (Disaster Averted)
  • While describing how he poisoned and killed every member of the High Council of Players (all played by Neil Patrick Harris): "And thus, my friends, I have become, through methods somewhat gory the Player King of New York City. Boom. The end. True story." (Bedtime Stories)

Notes and Trivia

  • It is usually said after something that he wants you to believe is true, which is often not.
  • It is also often said after a fake history lesson from Barney. He would commonly say "true story" at the end.
True Story Meme
  • The phrase itself was popular enough to become an internet meme (see right)
  • Future Ted says it after recounting the time on Come On, Get Up New York! when Bobo the monkey stole a doll and climbed onto Ted's model Empire State Building while Mike threw paper airplanes at it, resembling the ending of the movie King Kong. (Zoo or False)
  • Robin uses the phrase when mocking Barney's newly discovered Canadian ancestry: "This Canadian dollar, here, is called a loonie. And this two dollar coin, a toonie. True story." The Slutty Pumpkin Returns.
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