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About me

My name is Heather. I am very good with wikis having worked as a reader, editor, admin, and developer with MediaWiki on various projects.

I love wikis.

I'm sorta an admin here but that basically means I can do some cleanup and janitorial stuff. No biggie. Love HIMYM and love working on a nice young wiki. I also run the wiki twitter feed @HIMYM_wiki.

I wrote like half the hardcore templatry here. Anyone who notices the awesome of the variable name templates on the episode pages and sees how cool it is should give me a shout out! Id love to help hook other wikis up with the magic.

I hate spoilers myself but I also love hanging out on wikis. In deference to others like me, I tried to make it so you can look at the entire top half of an episode page and not get any spoilers. This is done by carefully selecting a screenshot and carefully choosing the amount of info in the plot summary. XD

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