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Virginia Mosby
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Alfred Mosby (divorced)
Clint (married)
Barney (kissed, went to second base)
Frank (dated)
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Virginia Mosby is Ted and Heather Mosby's mother. Although both children are from her first husband, Alfred Mosby, she has divorced him by 2006 and re-married a hippie named Clint in 2010.

Show Outline

Like Alfred, Virginia has the habit of avoiding talks which lead to discomfort or raise buried issues in any way.

Ted never gets to learn of his parents' divorce until the episode Brunch, when they visit him in New York. By the end of the episode, he learns of the divorce (and that his grandmother has died), and that his dad set Virginia up with a guy named Frank. By Christmas of 2006, however, she had started going out with Clint, whom she married in 2010 in Home Wreckers.

Being with Clint brings out the most juvenile characteristics in Virginia, which border on inappropriateness. Ted finds this highly uncomfortable, and refuses to give the toast at their wedding after blacking out during Clint's song, which literally describes the sexual activities between Clint and Virginia. Roughly a week after the wedding, however, Ted goes to find his mother, and gives her and Clint the toast he had written for their wedding, welcoming Clint in the family and accepting their love.


Episode Appearances

  1. Brunch
  2. How Lily Stole Christmas
  3. Home Wreckers
  4. Landmarks
  5. Noretta
  6. The Lighthouse
  7. Unpause
  8. Sunrise

Notes and Trivia

  • Virginia is mentioned in Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M., when Future Ted tells his kids, "Your grandma always told me nothing good happens after 2 A.M."
  • Barney and Virginia went as far as second base when he accompanied her to the airport shortly after the events in Brunch. However, this is only revealed in Home Wreckers, which Barney explains in an effort to make Ted smash the walls in his new house.
    • Barney also admits that the reason he cried at Clint and Virginia's wedding is that he wanted to be with Virginia (or be Ted's dad, as he puts it) and is upset that Clint is now with her instead of him.
  • Virginia's favorite actor seems to be Richard Dreyfuss, as Ted mentions that she likes every movie he is in, in The Stamp Tramp.
  • Throughout the series Barney has teased on whether or not he slept with Virginia. It was revealed in Unpause that they only kissed, which contradicts his claim that they got to second base in Home Wreckers.
  • In Brunch multiple similarities are revealed between Ted and Robin's relationship and that of Virginia and Alfred, foreshadowing that Ted and Robin are ultimately not a good match and will break up.

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