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Wait for it redirects here. For the episode of the same name, see Wait For It.

Barney says "Wait for it" as the last line of season 2.

Wait for it is a phrase primarily used by Barney as an interjection to suggest drama. It is most frequently interjected into another of Barney's catchphrases, legendary. Other characters have been known to use it on occasion.

"Wait for it" was the last line of Season 2. Barney finished in the opening of Season 3 making that the longest time the audience had to wait for it.

In The Magician's Code - Part One, Marshall and Lily's son is named after his late grandfather, and given the middle name "Wait-for-it", proposed by Barney.


Barney: De...wait for it.... nied!
Barney's first shown 'wait for it' after Robin throws a drink in Ted's face (Pilot)

Barney: Our friend Robin used to do porn—wait for it—ography!
Ted: Yeah, we really didn't need to wait for that.
Barney doesn't always use it successfully (Slap Bet)

Barney: It will be legen—wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is—dairy!
Barney has been known to dress it up (Sweet Taste of Liberty)

Barney: I'm—wait for it—in—wait for it—love—wait for it—with—wait for it—a—wait for it—certain—wait for it—
Marshall: I know you're in love with Robin!
Barney uses it to avoid uncomfortable topics (Mosbius Designs)

Barney: We saw a movie last night. It was legend... wait for it... s of the fall. It was ok.

Robin: And you know,a week from today we are going to be legend... wait for it...
Barney: ...married!
Barney and Robin: Legendmarried!
Barney and Robin a week before their wedding. (Something New)

Barney: Our wedding is gonna be legendary.
Robin: No wait for it?
Barney: I've got you, I don't have to wait for it anymore.
Barney and Robin in the Limo. (The Locket)

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