Wendy the Waitress
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Waitress at MacLaren's Pub
Alfred Mosby (made out with)
Barney Stinson (ex-boyfriend)
Meeker (husband)
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Wendy the Waitress is a regular waitress at MacLaren's Pub.

Show Outline

Not much has been known about Wendy since the beginning of the series. Her first major role was when she was seen making out with Ted's dad in Brunch, which Barney captures an image of using his cellphone. Previously (although it is seen in The Platinum Rule), Wendy had sex with Barney and kept on flirting with him in the bar, but Barney finally had enough and broke up with her. Since then, Barney takes extra precaution when taking drinks from her in the crazy belief that she's trying to kill him (he even throws away Marshall's burger because he believes she might try and "get to" his friends).

In Sorry, Bro Wendy and Barney eventually have lunch together once after their break-up, where Wendy tries to return his purple-and-black tie, but Barney screams and runs away from her, believing that she's pulling a gun out of her bag.

In The Window, she encounters Marshall's future self, who had somehow time traveled to this point in time. He orders hot wings but then says they were too hot, leading to the wings being given to Lilly and his younger self. Because of how she reacted, it is believed she didn't notice the resemblance between the present and future versions of Marshall.

Wendy in 2021

In Garbage Island, Wendy meets Meeker, a guy who used to work with Marshall at Goliath National Bank but got fired because of him, and the both bond over their hatred for him. In a flash forward, it is shown that Ted meets Wendy in 2021 at an airport in Hong Kong. Wendy is there on her second honeymoon with Meeker. She also mentions that she has three children.


  • Spouse: Meeker (husband)
  • Children: Three Children (unnamed)

Episode Appearances

  1. Return of the Shirt
  2. Milk
  3. Brunch
  4. Swarley
  5. Monday Night Football
  6. I'm Not That Guy
  7. Dowisetrepla
  8. The Platinum Rule
  9. Ten Sessions
  10. The Best Burger in New York
  11. Intervention
  12. The Fight
  13. Sorry, Bro
  14. The Window
  15. Perfect Week
  16. Architect of Destruction
  17. Garbage Island

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