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World Wide News (WWN) is a news network where Robin currently works.

In False Positive​, Ted tells Robin she didn't move to New York City to give up her dreams, and forces her to accept a job at World Wide News. World Wide news is parody of CNN, cable news network (although in the series Sandy Rivers worked for CNN before becoming a presenter at WWN).

In Bad News​, Robin finds out that the network's lead anchor is her old Metro News 1 colleague Sandy Rivers. He promptly tells the entire office that they had sex and continues to harass her in front of her new co-workers with increasingly embarrassing stories from Robin's past. However she pulls out her old Robin Sparkles denim jacket, embracing the mockery and moving on.

In The Stinson Missile Crisis​, Barney is proving to Nora that he is boyfriend material as he sends flowers and chocolates to her work even to the extent of coming down to sing her a song. Robin got really jealous and ends up getting drunk under her desk at World Wide News. Later Robin recommends Nora to Sandy to go to France to cover a story as Robin conspires to use those three days to lure Barney back to her.

In Tailgate​, after Sandy gets drunk and leaves, Robin has to replace him as the anchor. She counts down the New Year while Kevin, Barney, and Ted are watching her at the apartment. Future Ted says that this night was a turning point in Robin's career, as she became the co-anchor with Sandy Rivers.

In No Pressure, Robin and Patrice went to a trip to Russia to cover a story there.

In The Broath, Robin got promoted and is going to be co-host with Sandy Rivers. The CEO of World Wide News liked her transmission on New Year's Eve, and promoted her.

In Now We're Even​, Robin is disappointed that the front desk guard does not recognize her while letting everybody else through without an ID. Sandy Rivers asks her to deliver the night-time traffic reports from a network helicopter, where the pilot suffers a stroke. She successfully lands the helicopter with help from the ground as the incident is covered live.

In The Pre-Nup, it is mentioned that Robin does the 7 PM news.

In The Final Page - Part Two​, Barney proposes to Robin on the roof.


Episode Appearances

  1. False Positive
  2. Bad News
  3. Oh Honey
  4. The Stinson Missile Crisis
  5. Tailgate
  6. Now We're Even
  7. Splitsville
  8. Lobster Crawl
  9. The Final Page - Part One
  10. The Final Page - Part Two


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