You Just Got Slapped


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You Just Got Slapped was a song composed and performed by Marshall, with backup sung by Barney. It was featured in Slapsgiving and then reprised again in Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap as the song featured in the commercial for Mickey Aldrin's game "Slap Bet". It was repy R&B band Boyz II Men.


What is this feeling?
That's put you in your place
A hot red burning on the side
Of your face
You feel the blood rush to your cheek
Tears start to fill your eyes
And your lips are trembling
But you can't speak
You're trying,
Oh, you're trying
Not to cryyyyyyyy,

Ya just got slapped
Oh, oh!
Across the face, my friend
Oh, oh, oh!
Ya just got slapped
Whoa, oh oh oh oh!
Yes it really just happened
Oh oh oh oh oh oh!

Everybody saw it
And everybody laughed and clapped
It was awesome
The way you just got slapped


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