Zitch dog is a game played during road trips. It was first introduced by Ted to Marshall in 1996, when they took first road trip together in Marshall's Fiero. Although Ted had played the game before, he kept losing to Marshall and ultimately the score was 1w to nothing in Marshall's favor. Ted has claimed that Marshall was somehow cheating.


  • In Arrivederci, Fiero, in the flashback to 1996, Ted taught the game to Marshall and lost to him. In another flashback, while teaching Barney how to drive, Ted kept playing he game by himself.
  • In Shelter Island, while going over to Ted and Stella's wedding, Marshall, Barney and Lily also played the game and Marshall again won, irritating Barney.
  • In The Lighthouse, Marshall plays the game and claims to win against Daphne, but she claims that she is not playing his "stupid game".  Later, Clint attempted to play the game while apparently suffering a "blood attack".
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